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Today we want to share with you a little of the Ulity foundation and reason to be, starting with the logo creation.

Since this is the way we are presenting ourselves to the World, the logo was carefully crafted and developed to give our purpose a meaning and have it always present in everything we do.

Therefor, we assembled the colors of the logo the following way:

"U" color is Lapis Lisuli blue or call it "Royal Blue", is seen as the most "expensive, rich and noble colors."

"U" is a Treasure Bowl, collecting wealth for Ulity community and it’s member "Ulitor" from all major companies like Google, Face Book, Ebay and Microsoft" ( as seen their logo color used like color used of "lity" in our logo). It means "Ulity" reward Datas wealth to "ulitor", like the slogan we use" My data, My wealth, our ulity".

"Y" color is Royal yellow, emperor yellow, elegant in the end. From Royal blue to the loyal yellow, we set the tone of ulity as elegant, wealthy, prosperity and noble.

Logo contain five element, element creation order goes like: Water-wood-fire-Earth-Metal". Blue" U and L" is "Water" ; green "I" is element of " Wood"; Red T" is element of "fire"; Yellow "Y" is element of Earth", White background as "Metal" which means "financial wealth". In such creation order, element are in Balance, Harmony and unity.

"i" stand in the middle, it look like a Human, square "Body" and round "head", mean heaven round and the earth is square. Human are passing information from heaven to the earth and make transition generation to generation. "i" mean "information, knowledge" which is essences of our Ulity platform.

"i" also means "changes" in mathematics, which also mean "Yi" in Yijing , forever Change is the ultimate unchanged. We encourage ulitor to go with the change and hold center peace.

"t" looks like a human lean on the "i", information leads to the "yellow" (noble king, yellow emperor).

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