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Ulity™ App

Introducing a socially responsible app

The Ulity™ App

Ulity™ is a digital community platform with a mission to foster the creation and access of knowledge for the world by incentivizing participants through the Ulity™ Token ecosystem, ultimately creating an autonomous digital society based on the Decentralized Autonomus Organization principles.

Earn wealth through engagement

By creating, sharing, liking, commenting, etc you create valuable data for the community which is measured by points. Points can be traded for Ulity™ Token and Bitcoin.

Host Groups

Host or join a Community to share your interests and connect.

Trade and Share Peer-to-Peer

UWallet manages all of your points, Ulity™ Token, and Bitcoin.

Ulity™ App

Instantly communicate with text messag- ing and audio/video calls.


Contribute your knowledge to build and edit the next phase of the Wikipedia.


Connect your products and services to your community on through educational content and sponsorships.

The Ulity™ Token Incentive Ecosystem

Is designed to benefit every type of platform participant. Hyperledger blockchain smart contracts protect your private information while creating an incorruptible value accounting system. This system will lead to a decentralied automous structure governed by community consensus.

Group of developers

To support the platform

Technical patents

To improve data conversion

Is a non-profit foundation

The revenue goes to the members

Crafting the future with socially responsible IT.

By UKnowl social benefit corporation

My Knowledge. My Wealth. Our Ulity™

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